Anneliese von Oettingen

avo-founder In Loving Memory 1917 – 2002

AVOandConnie_16x20  Born in Berlin Germany, Anneliese was trained in the Russian ballet method under Eugenie Edvardova in Berlin and later in London with the great Nicolas Legat and Mme. Nicolaeva-Legat. She had a successful ballet career in Germany. She directed and taught at her own School of Ballet in Berlin, fully licensed by the German state to train professional dancers. She was a solo ballerina & choreographer for the Potsdam Opera, and performed with her own Kinderballet at Berlin’s Kurferstendam Theater and throughout Central Europe.AVO 01cIn 1947 Anneliese arrived in Cincinnati, in March of 1948 she opened the doors to what would be Cincinnati’s first successful School of Ballet. She performed, taught and tirelessly reached out to every possible venue to establish her ballet methods. She became resident choreographer for Cincinnati Drama Guild.  In 1957 at the “Festival of Faith” held at Cincinnati Gardens, Anneliese introduced the idea of liturgical dance to Cincinnati.  She taught ballet and modem dance at Our Lady of Cincinnati College 14 years, and at Moss Lake Camp for Girls for 23 years.AvO in Sports IllustratedShe operated her own Adirondack Ballet Camp in Eagle Bay from 1973 to 2001. She was among the first to apply ballet methods to athletes, working with Olympic ice skaters, marathon runners and pro football players. For this she was featured in “Sports Illustrated” as well as on the NBC TV show “To Tell the Truth.”

AVO _003 In 1962 Anneliese was one of seven area ballet teachers to form the Cincinnati Civic Ballet (Today’s CBC) Many of her students (including her daughter Cornelia) were taken to form that first ballet company, still Anneliese continued to train and showcase her own dancers, many of whom went on to professional careers.

The City of Cincinnati has honored Anneliese on several occasions. She received City proclamations in 1980,1981, and 1989, and a Key to the City in 1989. At that time a Bicentennial plaque was placed at the site of her first ballet studio on Woodburn Avenue, officially recognizing it as a “Cincinnati’s First.” In 1998 she received “The Governor’s Award” a state citation from Governor Bob Taft.

Apr27213Today, at the Anneliese von Oettingen School of Ballet we continue Anneliese’s methods, holding ballet as a discipline as well as an art form. Schooled in the European Tradition, our goal is to correct the mistake while it is being made, to treat each student individually even when in class. We teach steps thoroughly with correct French terms while giving firm but friendly discipline in class. There is no favoritism or “star system”. We take pride in maintaining high artistic and professional standards since 1948.