Who are we?

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Dear Friends of the Arts,

We are The Anneliese von Oettingen School of Ballet . We are proud to be in our 67th year of continuous operation, which gives us the distinction of being the oldest and longest running Ballet school in Cincinnati. As such we are a treasure trove of history and keepers of a beautiful artistic heritage brought to Cincinnati in 1948 by Anneliese von Oettingen.

The specific methodology we strive to preserve involves many philosophical and technical aspects to our overall approach. These are our four main positions:

    1. We view the Art of Ballet as encompassing a long history of expressive movements derived from careful studies in human movement and expression over the centuries: intricate court dances, folk and character traditions, and pantomime. We do not view ballet as mere poses from a book, nor staged tableaus in tutus.
    2. We view the Art of Ballet as the cultural right of any and all. We do not limit our knowledge to those who may have more ideal body types nor limit our expertise to only those with the best chances of becoming professional dancers. This includes working with those who may be blind, hearing impaired, or with any other physical or mental challenge. Here we are careful to distinguish that our students are given individual attention, and that all classes are taught with correct classical techniques, so that any student could become a professional dancer with our training, if they are so gifted. In fact, many of our students have become professional dancers.
    3. We train our dancers in the language of expressive movement using specific technical terms. We begin with an organized floor barre that trains specific muscle groups in an aerobic fashion. We also include an improvisational story telling technique that transforms the merely technical terms into expression by use of creative metaphor.
    4. It is our opinion that ballet is a means to an end for presenting students with a unique educational opportunity. Not only do we view the Art of Ballet as important unto itself, but much of its value is as a process for learning more important life lessons like discipline, hard work, creativity, and co-operation. In our operations we focus not only on the “Art of Ballet,” but the “Art of Teaching.” We have found that in the normal scheme of things, most teachers don’t really teach. They present materials, and expect the student to absorb the material. We use varied materials, and continue to rotate ideas and visualizations, dramatizations, until the material is learned. We teach: meaning the teacher changes until the student changes.

I invite you to contact us with any questions about our organization. We continue to put into place the means of continuing our Ballet traditions with the same passion and zeal we have always had.   We invite you to be part of this tradition, and thank you for any assistance you may provide.

Anneliese von Oettingen School of Ballet
Contact us at 513.481.0092 or avoballetstudio@gmail.com